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Before I was a Stock Broker, being a stock broker looked hard. Before I lived in 22 different places buying and selling homes looked hard. It ain't. What is hard, is deciding its time. Time to move, time to stay, time to try something,(someone) new. Time to buy fix and flip, rent something to someone, time to find the $ to improve the land you just never had the $ to improve. That's the hard part. Deciding not to decide is deciding not to. I've been told there are over 80,000 Real Estate agents in Arizona, so being a Real Estate agent can't be that hard. What makes the difference in an agents is the same thing that makes people different. Motivation. Here is what I have learned about finding a Great Real Estate agent. What they know is known by most agents or can be found out. How they work is the difference. You can tell from the first words out of their mouth if they are in it for something other than YOU. If its you, then you found your Agent. The math is just math. Its only hard before you finish then its a good story.