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Serenity Wu 吴秋薇 Chinese Realtor 中文房地产经纪

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Cantonese, Chinese, Chinese select Cantonese), Chinese select Mandarin), Taiwanese

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Serenity Wu is Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage foothills office only licensed agent offering clients real estate service in three Chinese dialects-Mandarin, Cantonese, and Toisanese. Born and raised in southern China, Serenity has one brother who became a prominent teacher, while Serenity's highly self-motivated nature led her to successes in retail management, education, and the design and packing industry. In her early twenties, she taught herself to read and write English and emigrated to the U.S. where she was granted American citizenship in only 5 years.

During the last decade, Serenity has fallen in love with Tucson and has become a passionate student of property and the housing market. In her own experience as a prospective buyer, she discovered that not every agent listened carefully to her needs and wants. Helping others find the homes of their dreams become her own dream, and joining the Coldwell Banker team gave her access to Arizona's premier real estate network to best serve her clients.

吴秋薇, 专业房地产经纪, 精通普通话,广东话, 台山话。

专精:买房, 卖房,好学区,投资。

本人从事房地产行业一直秉承专业,快速,亲和与诚信的服务态度, 是诚心购房者和海外投资者的放心选择。我会用热忱的服务, 真诚的心,用爱为你筑建温暖,幸福的家。