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More about Kevin Rhodey

Kevin and Rima Rhodey are a husband-wife Realtor team dedicated to helping homeowners sell their homes for the most money in the shortest time possible and helping buyers find their dream home within their budget. As a family they have relocated multiple times but have stayed cohesive and strong throughout moves to and from Phoenix, Ohio and Thailand. Their forever home in San Diego is where they work hard to serve the real estate needs of the community in East County, San Diego. Rima’s 20+ year career as a legal assistant and Kevin’s 20+ year experience in the aerospace industry are a true asset in the real estate world. They are hard-working, driven and know what it’s like to move six blocks or even 6,000 miles.

Prior to becoming a real estate specialist in East County San Diego Kevin spent over twenty years with aerospace companies responsible for providing authorized repair and parts for OEMs such as General Electric, Boeing, and Honeywell as well as commercial airlines from Delta to Air China and the U.S. Air Force. As Director of Operations it was Kevin’s responsibility to make sure the hundreds of people successfully implemented new technologies, maintained excellent customer satisfaction, delivered a product that met or exceeded all expectations and always paid attention to every detail.

This work required Kevin to utilize his talent and skills in places around the United States from Phoenix and Ohio to San Diego and overseas from Germany and Turkey to Thailand. Kevin knows what it means to uproot a family, the problems involved in selling your home and then trying to identify and buy just the right home that fits your unique needs. He knows the importance of finding a new school, a new neighborhood and how much depends upon finding the right realtor to help you with the whole process. When you choose Kevin to work with you for all your real estate needs you’ll find you can rest a bit easier because you have a person working for you that will pay attention to every detail.

On a personal note Kevin enjoys riding his Harley, watching sports with his wife and daughter and walking the family’s three dogs. He also enjoys his status as a new grandpa to a precious little girl.

When you’re looking for a realtor in East County San Diego who will take care of all the details and make your real estate experience frustration free with a minimum of uncertainty, stress or confusion, Kevin Rhodey should be your realtor of choice.

Kevin is eager to meet you and answer any real estate questions you may have.