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In 2004 Gary was recruited by an out of state development company looking for to grow in the Florida Market. After six months of research Gary set up shop in the Sarasota area because of the area amenities and the mild manner of local residents. He and his wife reside in Oak Vistas which is one of the first properties that Gary developed. Still serving on the Board of Directors as President, has kept him well rooted in the community.
With over 30 years of experience, Gary has been a buyer, seller, developer and even a builder. During which time he put together transactions ranging from $100,000 to $34,000,000 throughout the West Coast of Florida.
Gary’s passion lies with helping buyers and sellers through the complexities of negotiation. His vast experience gives him a keen eye for the quality and valuation.
In his spare time Gary enjoys being active in his church, playing sports, flying airplanes or helicopters, golf and fishing. Get to know Gary and he will share stories about his 10 year old grandson.

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