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Property Frameworks is part of the NRT family of companies and one of the country’s leading providers of property management services. They’re experts at helping owners allocate their time and resources to maximize the return on their rental investment, and they do it in a way that takes care of your most important assets – your tenant and your property.

The decision to purchase a rental property is just the beginning. For your investment to perform its best, you need to think like an investor. That’s when it helps to have the right kind of property management support.

Turn property management challenges into rental investment opportunities

As a rental property investor, you’ve got a big job deciding how, when and where to allocate your resources. Property Frameworks is uniquely positioned to advise and assist you in all aspects of property management, especially those areas where outside help could mean the difference between losing money and long-term profitability.

There when you or your tenants need them

Property Frameworks will provide you with a support team that you can contact 24/7 for issues regarding your property and tenants. Whether you need assistance with rent collection, repair requests or property upkeep, they have the resources to solve the challenges that affect your investment’s performance.

A full range of specialized services

Property Frameworks uses its resource advantages and professional property management expertise to provide focused services in the areas where you need support to drive results.

Property Frameworks' services focus on taking care of the two most valuable assets involved in successful rental management: your tenant and your property.