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OAHU, "The Gathering Place," is the third largest Hawaiian island and home to Honolulu, the state capitol. Honolulu was proclaimed the state capitol by King Kamehameha III in 1850 and began operating in 1905 as the County of Oahu before being renamed the City and County of Honolulu in 1907. It is the only American city founded by a monarch or ruler and is the site of the only palace in the United States.
The city and county of Honolulu encompasses all of Oahu and is governed by an elected mayor and nine city council members each representing a specific geographic district on the island. These districts are grouped together under larger regions commonly referred to as: Honolulu, East Oahu, Windward, North Shore, Leeward and Central. Real estate in Honolulu is some of the most popular in Oahu. Waikiki real estate is also highly sought after. Read More

Within these regions are various towns, communities and neighborhoods each with their own distinctive characteristics.
According to the 2000 census Oahu had a population of 876,156, which at the time represented approximately 72 percent of the people of the state. The 2000 census also shows there was a total of 460,542 housing units in the state. The Oahu real estate market is very robust. The state's median resale value for a single family home was $265,000 and $139,000 for a condominium.
When planning a trip around the island it can be useful to know that residents and the local media have a special language for indicating direction. For example, "mauka" is toward the mountains, "makai" is toward the sea, "Ewa" is in the direction of Ewa town, "Diamond Head" is toward that famous Waikiki landmark, and "Koko Head" is toward the location of that crater. Familiar phrases are, "passing showers in the windward mauka area" or "heavy traffic on the H-1 in the Ewa direction."

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Single Family1,380$1,513,248$30,000,000

Kaimuki District

Kaimuki, located mainly on the slopes of Diamond Head, is an older established area particularly appealing to residents whose families have lived there for generations. Its residential and business community is over 100 years old. The majority of single-family properties are at least 5,000 sq. ft with some properties subdivided into areas as small as 2,400 sq. ft. Chaminade University (private), neighborhood shopping centers, restaurants, private and public schools, parks and grocers service the needs of the population. Although the elevation is high in these hillsides they are generally sunny and dry. Nearby in the arid neighborhoods of St. Louis Heights, Wilhelmina Rise and Maunalani Heights you'll find a mixed style of older and newer homes, many with city and ocean views.

Waialae / Kahala District

Kahala takes on the look of a nicely defined suburb with regional shopping center Kahala Mall and the Kahala Hotel. It is a very popular market for Oahu real estate. The lots in Waialae average 7,000 to 8,000 sq. ft. Many of the 10,000 sq. ft. and larger lot homes in the area have swimming pools, wider streets, deeper front lawns and Kahala real estate consistently hovers at the higher end of Oahu's price scale. The beachfront properties of Kahala, Diamond Head, and Black Point are some of the most expensive in the nation. For those desiring more view, there is the hillside neighborhood of executive homes called Waialae Iki. Other options are the golf course homes in the Kai Nani area and the homes on a peninsula called Wailupe. Other residential alternatives for the area are two high-rise condominiums and four nearby townhouse projects.

Hawaii Loa Ridges District

Hawaii Loa Ridges is an exclusive, gated hillside community of large homes offering buyers a community clubhouse and tennis courts. Many have spectacular views of the ocean, Diamond Head crater to the west or Koko Head crater in the east because the developer established protected view corridors for the lots. All the custom homes must first obtain the approval of the developer's review board and meet their minimum requirements. Within this gated community is another newer gated community, The Pointe. These are premier view lots on the west slope and residents have part ownership of the elegant Pointe Club clubhouse.

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