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Concord, Massachusetts, renowned for both its role in the American Revolutionary War and American literary history prides itself upon the town’s focus on art & culture, education, and its storied past. Concord can be divided into three main areas, Concord Town Center, Nine Acres Corner, and West Concord. Concord possesses a quintessential New England town center, home to both the municipal buildings and small shops. Nine Acres Corner, a much more rural area, features farmland and rolling hills while West Concord contains the Concord Country Club and Warners Pond.  Concord is an affluent town in the Greater Boston area and primarily features larger single family homes and condo complexes.
Citizens of Concord have access to various historical sites and museums that date back to the beginning of the country. Read More

Walden Pond, famous for Henry David Thoreau’s transcendentalist work Walden or Life in the Woods, is situated in the Walden Pond State Reservation and near both deCordova Sculpture Park & Museum and the local high school. As the town was home to a number of the most influential American writers of the 19th century, many of their homes have been preserved and are open to the public. This includes the Orchard House, set in Victorian Fashion and home to the Alcott Family, the Wayside, which housed various writers including Nathaniel Hawthorne and Margaret Sidney, and Ralph Waldo Emerson House, dubbed “Bush” by the writer and his family.
Concord sits 19 miles northwest of Boston and has access to the city through both the MBTA’s Fitchburg Line on the commuter rail and Yankee Lines’ bus service to Copley Square. There is also easy access to several state routes including route 2, 2A, 62, 126, 119, 111, and 117 which pass through the town.

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