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More about Southborough- Hammond

If you drive through the town of Southborough, chances are that you will quite often find yourself driving across, or past, a reservoir in your comings and goings around town. These tree-ringed reservoirs, complete with rock outcroppings, even a small island, here or there, do much to create the town's image as a quiet pastoral place. But, beyond enhancing the aesthetics, these several bodies of water and the aqueduct represent a major turning point in the town's history. The taking of land for their construction in the late 1800s -- nearly 2,000 acres in all -- changed the character of Southborough's four villages permanently.

From its earliest days as "Stony Brook," as this southern portion of the new town of Marlborough was known in the late 1600s, through its separation as a town of its own on July 17, 1727, and continuing into the first two centuries of its existence, Southborough, like its neighbors, was primarily a farming community. Adding to the quiet rural charm of Southborough are numerous winding scenic roads (often shared with bikers, hikers and horses) and two prestigious private boarding schools that are part of a village center that has seen minimal change over the last century.

State Route 85 and Interstate 495, the outer belt highway around Boston, both run north-south through Southborough. The Massachusetts Turnpike and State Route 9 run east-west and form interchanges with I-495 in the neighboring town of Westborough.