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As an affluent New England town, Wellesley embraces both New England traditions and modern amenities. Originally West Needham, the town seceded from their neighbor in the 1880s and was re-christened Wellesley. The town grew rapidly during the roaring 1920s and is still known for large single family homes and mansions. Wellesley, still run by a traditional town hall meeting, has pushed to modernize public and private spaces. The Linden Street Strip Mall with has been replaced with Linden Square, an outdoor shopping space and Wellesley recently built a new public High School. The town focuses on green technology and has invested in green schools, renewable energy, waste management, and preserving and protecting resources all in an attempt to reduce its carbon footprint.  
It is no surprise that Wellesley has gained notoriety as one of the most educated towns in the country. Read More

Along with their public school system, Wellesley houses Wellesley College, Babson College, and the campus for Massachusetts Bay Community College. Situated a short distance from Boston, Route 95/Route 128, Route 9, Route 16, and Route 135 all run through this affluent suburb.

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Condo 16 $1,100,712 $1,650,000
Lots/Land 3 $1,351,000 $1,949,000
Multi-Family 1 $899,000 $899,000
Single Family 155 $2,043,906 $6,500,000

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