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Cal DRE#: 01482854

Born, Raised, and Still Living in the San Fernando Valley for over 50 years.

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Selling candy as a kid to all the other 4th graders, I should've realized back then that Sales and Service was my niche and my passion. Although it wasn't until 1988 when I truly began my career in the sales industry. It's not about working as an Employment Specialist, Leasing Condominiums and Apartments, Managing and Supervising Condominium Associations, co-owning a Residential Relocation Company along with heading up its Sales and Service, Home Improvement companies, being a Licensed Realtor since 2005, and much more... IT'S ALL ABOUT THE PEOPLE I'M ABLE TO HELP.

I love helping others get through life's challenging times, and doing it in a way that's not only accurate but, enjoyable at the same time. Having the opportunity to wear several hats, its allowed me to develop...

- Listening skills and patience to best understand needs.

- Creative thinking if and when issues may arise.

- Integrity to do my job precise the first time.

- Competence to negotiate.

- Continue support every step and beyond.

- Keeping things simple and fun.

- Eye for detail, etc...