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  • $628 Million in sales every day
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  • 88K independent sales associates in 49 countries and more than 3,000 offices

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When you choose to work with a Coldwell Banker sales associate, not only will you receive their market knowledge and real estate expertise, you will also receive assistance from experienced marketing professionals who will work with your agent to provide you a successful real estate experience.

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Coldwell Banker has over 88,000 brokers and independent sales associates worldwide, in 49 countries and territories.

9 out of 10 consumers know the Coldwell Banker name.*

*June 2016 Brooks Rose Brand Tracking Study

Intensive Marketing Plan & Sales Strategy

We make sure your home is where the buyers are. Agent networking, MLS Associations, Open Houses, Direct Mail, Brochure Boxes, and Yard Signs give your home local exposure.

Your home also gets listed on as many as 900 real estate listing websites that reach potential buyers worldwide. Your agent will craft strategic social media and mobile marketing campaign to ensure your home's regional and national exposure is maximized.