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I began in my real estate career over a decade ago as a principal in a group of portfolio investors. We were all interested in making an impact in our early retirement. Many of us had worked a civil servant and in other professions we loved however big bucks was nowhere in the horizon.

We took a risk and put all our eggs into one basket and decided to venture into the world of property acquisition. This turned out to be a very lucrative endeavor. I learned so much about real estate in that arena from buying to selling; 1031 exchange, to second home as investment, property management, long-term rentals vs benefits of vacation rentals.

You might even say some of this front-line experience was perhaps a great way to learn.

It is said, that when you are on the field you learn much more about the game than being an observer.
Two additional facts, I learned from operating vacation rentals. I have an innate ability to create an aesthetic experiencing for entering guests. This has helped me to stage listed properties. Secondly, I truly enjoy assisting folks to make lifetime goal and memories happen. When I discovered this my association with real estate went from building a nest egg to becoming a passion. I found I could do something for others and make a difference in aiding in a transaction that for most is a significant event. My goal is to make that as effortless as possible for my client.