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It is no secret in the real estate community and to Dan Sosa's dedicated clients that his personality, unbridled enthusiasm and business savvy has made him the successful real estate professional he is today.
Dan's ability to successfully represent clients at all levels is due to the fact that he believes it all comes down to the basics in understanding what a client needs and wants in order for their goals to be achieved. Dan simply believes he must step outside of himself and into the client's shoes, never lose sight of the goal and always treat everyone with the respect they deserve. That along with common sense and his vast experience has made for a winning combination.
By living this philosophy Dan has been allauded top sales and top listing agent for several years running. Dan's unwavered commitment to every seller or buyer has allowed Dan to sell his listings for top dollar as well as negotiating the best value price for his buyers.
Whether you are an experienced buyer or seller or getting your feet wet in real estate for the first time Dan Sosa is the real estate professional for you. Please give Dan the opportunity to treat you like you deserve to be treated, you'll be glad you did.