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I will never stop believing that everyone deserves a home filled with love, happiness, and good health. As individuals, we have an opportunity to invest in our future and communities.

I am relentless in the pursuit of homeownership, with a passion to serve the community of Hawaii; I obsess over prices, innovation, market values and negotiating the best deals. Most importantly, I make sure you don’t buy the wrong home, or sell your home at the wrong time.

In reality, 57 percent of Hawaii residents own their homes, which is one of the lowest homeownership rates in the nation. That is why I am dedicated to helping our community families achieve these goals, because we deserve more.

We deserve to be grounded in a place where we work hard and raise our families. Let us thrive in our communities so that one day we may own the roots we have planted.


“Catherine is the is the most vivacious, competent, reliable, and hard-working professional I’ve had the pleasure of working with. Her uncanny ability to genuinely connect with people and execute projects has been an inspiration to me in the 5 years that we worked together and I truly consider her the most impactful colleague I’ve ever had. As a leader, she has a knack for motivating, inspiring, and empowering people to work together and achieve big goals. If you ask her to do something, you can trust it will be done; but what’s even more remarkable is her ability to anticipate challenges and take action to ensure a project’s success with minimal guidance - she just knows what needs to be done and does it! She’s the type of person who leaves a lasting impression on everyone she meets because of her magnetic personality, humor, and outgoing nature. I know she will be successful in every endeavor because of her integrity, determination, positivity, and work ethic and would recommend her to anyone looking for a quality Realtor they can relate to and trust!” – Kelsey Adamson

"Catherine is an outstanding person to work with! She always goes above and beyond what is asked with a “can-do” attitude. Trust is a fundamental component when working as a team and Catherine’s integrity and leadership truly shined through daily. We could not have done it without her!” – Trina Rogers