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To meet or exceed my clients expectations while helping achieve the American Dream.


“We have used Susan Owen before. We were very happy before and are very happy now. She exceeded our expectations in every way. Knows her business, gave excellent advice and our house had an offer within days.” – Chris Scarpulla

“Ms. Owen is the most knowledgeable person I have ever met in real estate. She is a credit to the industry. Ms. Owen made the process as painless as possible, and helped with every aspect of getting the house ready for sale.” – Joe Badalamenti

“Susan, I can’t begin to tell you how grateful we are for having a broker like you to sell our home. You were always there to guide us. Being a real estate professional myself as an appraiser, I have met with hundreds of sales agents. I can tell you honestly that you stand way above the pack with your knowledge of the market and just by being the person you are. You worked day after day to sell our home and sold it in less than 60 days in an incredibly tough market.” – Lou Barletta

“Susan did an outstanding job!! She was so informative, helpful, reliable, and compassionate. She helped us through all the issues that arose with the sale of our home and the purchase of our new home. It was such a stressful time for us and she did such an amazing job getting things done. She is an absolute GEM!!!” – Dina and Robert Prass

Testimonials Continued

“I am grateful to have dealt with a very experienced, kind, knowledgeable person. Every aspect was handled well and explained well. Would definitely recommend her to others.” – Marie Robbins

“You not only did a great job selling our home, your understanding of the moving process and all we were going through made more of a difference than you know. We simply can’t thank you enough!” – Mary and Jim Kostrzewski

“Only if there were more realtors like you the real-estate market and buyers such as myself would benefit tremendously” – Steve Berardino

“We truly appreciate all your hard work as our realtor. You are the best of the best!” – Todd and Janine Grant

“Susan Owen made our dream come true, remained positive every step of the way and went above and beyond what is expected of a realtor. Sue is that exceptional realtor that everyone wishes for when it comes to selling or buying a home.” – The Ford Family

“Susan Owen was personable, professional, very well-informed and met all of our expectations of what a real estate broker should be. We are so grateful for all you have done.” –The Angrisani Family

Testimonials Continued

“Thank you very much for your professional services in helping us sell our house - could not have done it without you.” – Angelo Saladino

“Thank you for all you have done. We were truly blessed to have found someone as genuine as you to represent us on the sale of our home.” – Nanette and Lenny Devito

“I can’t thank you enough for making the sale of my home such a good experience.” – Eileen Pastern

“Susan, your immediate jumping on board was a tremendous help and relief to me. I can’t say thank you enough for all your generous help.” – Phyllis and Bill Daniels

“It was a wonderful experience having you sell our home. It made it the least stressful part of the moving process. You were always on top each step of the way.” – Joyce Saladino

“Thank you for all the time and energy you spent on our home. You truly are a wonderful person with a big heart.” – Kim Vahey

Testimonials Continued

“Words cannot express how thankful I am to you. You just need to know you were at true Earth Angel sent from God to help me. Sue, you will be blessed.” – Tammi Pelosi

“Thank you very much for selling our house and purchasing our new house. We really appreciate everything you did you truly are the “Best Real Estate lady around.” – Lisa and Pat Criesi

“Thanks for all you did. It felt good knowing you were handling the sale of my co-op. You’re such a nice person and a great Realtor. What a combo! – Cheryl Land

“Our sincere thanks for all your hard work.” – Ed and Inga Gilg

“Just wanted to say thanks for all your help with my Real Estate adventure. I am grateful to have worked with you and I appreciate all of your mentoring and advice.” – Frank D’Onofrio

“Thank you so much for making the sale of our home simple and painless- we cannot thank you enough.” – Kimberly Giella

“For your professionalism, kindness and thoughtfulness, we will always remember you…” – The Alicea Family

Testimonials Continued

“Having you as our Realtor was such a good experience. We were glad to refer you to our friends. The Gilg’s, were so pleased with the way you handled the sale of their home too. We knew you would be the very best!” – Peggy and Jim Cullinan

“Thank you for selling my home. Your hard work, integrity and professionalism is something to be proud of.” – Anne Bryant

“We can thank your hard work and dedication for this blissful retired life we are living.” – The Bryant Family

“I truly want to thank you ever so much not just for selling my house, but for always taking the time to listen to me and get me through the whole process. You are the best!” – Dawn Nash

“Still cannot believe how quickly our house was sold. You are amazing. Everyone at my job agrees you are “Realtor of the Year!” – Tom and Jeanette Jones

“Susan Owen was outstanding. She got us our price and sold the property before Christmas as she promised.” – The Bernacchio Family