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As I add to my personal resume, I'm now enjoying doing business within the complex and always interesting world of Real Estate, as a compliment to my many years within the Human Resources arena. I find the people-business so interesting...and obviously enjoyable.

With Real Estate, the satisfaction of assisting someone fulfill a homeownership objective is completely an honor to share...whether a first time homebuyer, a family that needs more space, or a person that's downsizing or starting over...being your advocate, to give you information to help you make the right decisions, at the right time, is my responsibility to you. Doing it with integrity is my promise.

Selfishly, I share the greatest joys in my life are my husband, Todd - my angel from heaven above and my very best friend - my fabulous children and their spouses who I'm incredibly proud of, and my grandchildren, which of course are the cutest and smartest in the world, along with my puppy Bella, who always loves me unconditionally.

I continue to be honored to be your real estate advocate.