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May I Introduce Myself, My Listings, and Marco's Lifestyle?

Welcome and thank you for taking the time to get to know me! I have owned several properties on heavenly Marco Island since 1991! And my heart still flutters every time I cross the scenic SS Jolley Bridge---which I consider the Gateway to Paradise---when I return to our little jewel after a day or evening in nearby Naples!
I was born and raised in Boston, MA where I earned my BS in Education and MS in Counseling. I was in the education field in MA, ME, Taiwan, NY, and Naples, FL. Although I am a retired Educator/Counselor, I continue to use my strong communication skills and many talents while I practice in real estate with the same high principles, strong work ethic, passion, and dedication as I did as a successful Educator.
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My Family and Career History:

My husband is a retired GE Engineer & Manufacturers' Rep! We raised 3 bright children: our eldest is a PA in Neurosurgery, our middle child is an MD, and our son is a Partner with a large NYC Tax Law Firm.
There are parallels between my initial career in Education & Realty! I am here to educate you with my broad market & product knowledge & counsel you in terms of the benefits of a solid investment in both property and a fabulous lifestyle!
I have always been in public service since I enjoy meeting, working with, & helping people! Making a "positive difference" in every position I've held has always been my goal.
I received several awards as a Teacher/Counselor & have earned the distinction of being in Coldwell's International President's Elite Circle ranking me in the top 1.2%!!!

What Distinguishes Me?

On Marco Island alone there are over 700 Realtors! Yes, they say not everyone has a driver's license on Marco; but, everyone has a Real Estate License.
When someone asks me what sets me above all the others in this Industry, I first of all relate that I treat every client, whether they are sellers or buyers & no matter what price point they're at, with respect, empathy, honesty & due diligence! My clients TRUST me!
My undaunting work ethic, loyalty, exceptional listening and communication skills, dedication, and multi talents have enabled me to become successful in earning an unequivocal reputation! The luck I have had has been an extension of my abilities & hard work!
My willingness to go above & beyond to provide CUSTOMER SATISFACTION and achieve RESULTS makes a difference!

"The Current Market Condition"

As we all know, the past couple years have been very challenging for many! The local real estate market has adjusted downward in price by 25 to 50%. That broad range is due to the hardship sales that have occurred as "short sales" and "foreclosures".
Although properties are selling, we continue to have high inventory since more new properties continue to come on the market. We continue in a "buyer's market" with exceptional values available----and they are not just bank-involved properties. There are many standard listings that are great buys!
In 2004 Marco had the second highest appreciation rate in the USA second to Las Vegas! It's hard to fathom that prices are where they are and may not be back to 2004 prices for some time. Many sellers have chased a "down" market.


Marco led most of the USA in the last appreciating market and will most likely do that again when this market turns. When will that be? Well, I broke my crystal ball awhile ago! But, when inventories are low enough that buyers fear losing the property of their dreams, prices will rise.
When supply is low, demand goes up, & so do prices! Remember, there will NEVER be another Marco! Savvy buyers are returning to our marketplace! Marco is a unique RESORT "Paradise Island"!
I contend that Marco will rebound 1st in SW FL & I already see signs of that POSITIVE SHIFT! Since our prices fell sooner than most, we are poised to begin recovery & growth before others. Historically local real estate is cyclical. Often the first to fall is the first to recover, particularly in a high-end resort!!

I Cordially Invite You to View My Listings & Take a Tour!

I would be honored to hear from you if you would like specific info on the Marco Island/Naples areas, on any of their properties, or if you would just like to come in to visit in my private office at Coldwell Banker to discuss the current market trends or any particular property of interest.
I provide PERSONALIZED service in an impersonal world!
Click on "MY LISTINGS" to the right to view them & call my anytime line @ 1-239-293-9300 if you have any questions. I'd be delighted to give you a no-obligation tour of them, the area, or of any community!
I am a Top-Producer! I don't just TAKE listings; I SERVICE them! Client SATISFACTION is my goal and DEDICATION is the means to that end! Call for my 5 STAR SERVICE! My reputation is built upon hard work, unequivocal integrity, & TRUST!!

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