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Martinez Blake, The "Real Real Estate Agent". I'm A Realtor, an entrepreneur, a leader of sorts. In my real estate career I have accomplished many things. The one thing that has been the biggest career goal was to become an investor, which has happened and I'm so ecstatic about that accomplishment. The biggest influencer on my career is my family. Three aunts that were realtors before I was even old enough to know what I wanted to do.  My family has always pushed education and hard work. I, like most young adults strayed from their early lessons. (I still was forced to work hard) They were morally sound which is a big part of who I am. Strength and independence coursed through there veins. Which unknowingly was past down to me through an admiration of there life accomplishments. Little did I know that all the lessons that I pretended not to hear would be the ones to drive me to becoming one of the best minds in real estate. A sheer will to study long hours seminar after seminar (the free ones) and eventually a love for reading books associated with my goals and dreams. (a book was my worst enemy in my adolescence) My favorite past times usually involve me my daughter laughing, joking and wrestling. She's the one thing outside of work I'm dedicated to.