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Tips on how to live a greener lifestyle

Ghastly, gruesome and … green? Halloween is a great opportunity to indulge your silliest or creepiest ideas, but it’s no excuse to be wasteful. Keep your celebration eco-friendly this year, saving money and energy as you enjoy create fun, sustainable holiday traditions.

Make Your Own Costume

Rather than spending money on something you’ll only wear once, create a costume yourself. Using old clothes and other materials from home, yard sales or thrift stores, you can design a creative get-up that’s more unique than a store-bought outfit.

Hit the Lights

Create a ghostly vibe during trick-or-treat hours by keeping your entire home dark except the front porch light. Trick-or-treaters will know you’re home, and you’ll save electricity. Candles can add to the spooky mood; choose petroleum-free ones made from soy or beeswax.

Reuse Your Goodie Bags

No need to buy a plastic pumpkin – collect your candy in something you already own, like old pillowcases, buckets or cloth shopping bags. To make these items festive, decorate them to match your costume. 

Energy Saving Tip

Keep your door closed during trick-or-treating hours, unless someone rings the bell. You’ll prevent air from escaping outside and, even better, you’ll get to be surprised by all the scary costumes!