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Tips on how to live a greener lifestyle

Flowers are beginning to bloom, trees and grass are turning greening and birds are chirping, sure signs it’s time to spruce up your yard. Here are a few environmentally friendly tips to keep in mind.

Get out the broom

Instead of using a power washer or hose to clean your driveways, sidewalk and patio, opt for a broom instead. It’s just as efficient, doubles as a good workout and doesn’t waste water.

Don’t overwater your lawn

Your lawn needs at least 1 ½ inches of water weekly, depending on soil type, rainfall amounts and wind, to promote strong, healthy roots. Heavy watering results in waste and can cause lawn problems, such as disease.

Don’t rake up grass clippings

Cleaning up grass clippings deprives the lawn of a great natural fertilizer. Leaving them on the ground flushes nitrogen back into the soil, which encourages green growth. Clippings also serve as a natural mulch that helps conserve soil moisture.

Energy Saving Tip

As warm breezes return, it’s an ideal time to give your dryer a break and hang your laundry outside to dry. You’ll not only reduce your energy bill, but your clothes will have a fresh scent and last longer.