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Sell it for more. That should sell you.

Homes using the Coldwell Banker® brand’s property spotlight marketing plan receive a higher sales price, which means more money in your pocket1. When you work with a Coldwell Banker Realty agent, your home2 will be expertly showcased and promoted, so it shines and it sells.

Here are some of the impressive ways your Coldwell Banker Realty agent will market your home to make it stand out, get noticed and sell – for more.

  • Professional photography
  • Property brochures
  • Property website
  • Property tour
  • Area REALTOR® email notification
  • Just Listed email flyer sent to agent’s contacts
  • Targeted online advertising of your home on Facebook, Instagram and top websites
  • Mobile brochure that notifies your agent of interested buyers in seconds
  • Powerful exposure on the top websites so your home is seen by the most potential buyers
  • TV and online promotion
  • Print advertising


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1. Based on Coldwell Banker property spotlight marketing plan usage data reported through May 31, 2020: On average, sellers whose agents use the plan benefit with a 1% higher sales price. 2. Some marketing components differ by state. Check with your local real estate agent for details.

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