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Managing your own rental property can be more than a full-time job. You’ve got to find tenants, screen them, collect rent, answer the phone and spring into action whenever a repair issue comes up. Inexperience can cost time and money. But with the right kind of support, turning a steady profit on your rental property can become a much more manageable task with the help of Property Frameworks.

Property Frameworks is part of the NRT family of companies and one of the country’s leading providers of property management services. are experts at helping owners and allocate time and resources. We’re uniquely positioned to advise and assist you in all aspects of property management, especially those areas where outside help could mean the difference between losing money and long-term profitability.

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Non-Managed Properties

  • Execute the listing agreement.
  • Assist in determining the best market price for the property.
  • Enter the property into the Realtors® multiple listing service.
  • Place a “For Rent” sign and a “lockbox” on the property.
  • Market the property.
  • Pre-qualify and screen prospective applicants.
  • Process applications, obtain credit reports, and verify references and income.
  • Review application information with the owner for final acceptance/rejection decision.
  • Prepare the lease agreement and obtain signatures.

Managed Properties: All the services listed above, plus:

  • Execute the property management agreement.
  • Assist owner in obtaining local licenses and lead paint certifications.
  • Collect the required security deposit.
  • Assist in enforcement of lease terms; e.g. rent collection, care of property, etc.
  • Remit owner-authorized and funded expenses, e.g. repairs, etc.
  • Monitor tenant requests for repairs or maintenance.
  • Coordinate necessary repairs or maintenance with appropriate licensed, insured vendors.
  • Provide estimates when applicable.
  • Provide 24-hour emergency service for the property.
  • Provide a detailed computerized monthly account statement.
  • Disburse rental proceeds.
  • Provide the owner with end-of-year IRS tax form 1099.
  • Provide an annual summary of expenses.
  • Negotiate renewal or remarket the property.
  • Conduct a visual property review.
  • Provide ongoing communication with the owner concerning property matters.


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